Yesterday, I posted the first of a three part series entitled “We Can Fix It” in which I examine the epidemic of mass shootings occurring in the United States. In my previous posting, I cited The Washington Post’s calculation that during President Barack Obama‚Äôs second term, not a single Sunday-to-Saturday calendar week has passed without a mass shooting. I find it absolutely heartbreaking that my post did not go for a single day before I had to update the toll of those killed and wounded on a school campus.

Early Friday morning, 18-year-old freshman student Steve Jones was arrested for shooting and killing one person and wounding three others at Northern Arizona University. Hours later, police arrested two gunmen and are still searching for a third in a shooting at Texas Southern University. An 18-year-old freshman college student is dead, and one other person is reported injured.

I believe that the causes of these shootings is complex but solvable. Please stay tuned as I explore the causes and proposed solutions in my series of postings.