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State Case Results

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Case : Aggressive local Tampa criminal attorney didn't give the respect that a local state attorney thought he was entitled to and thus set out on a course to frame him.
Outcome : He was indicted and during the middle of a jury trial and after the cross examination of the state's key witness, the judge entertained amotion of judgment of acquittal, which was granted.
Final Outcome : Jury trial acquittal.

Case : Attorney investigated for obstruction of justice based upon alleged payoff offer to witness.
Outcome : No charges filed.

Case : Prominent attorney investigated by State Attorney's Office for fraud in connection with his acquisition of business.
Outcome : No charges filed.

Case : Judge charged with sexual misconduct; facing possible life sentence.
Outcome : Charges dismissed upon exposition by C&F of falsity of allegations.

Case : Local attorney who also served as a judge in the municipal court was charged with sexual battery.
Outcome : Jury returned verdict of not guilty.

Case : Assistant State Attorney charged with sexual offense.
Outcome : Case dismissed.

Case : Businessman investigated for racketeering, usury, and extortion, facing forfeiture of business.
Outcome : Pleads to misdemeanor, serves 30 days probation.

Case : Prominent Tampa businessman investigated by State Attorney's Office for fraud.
Outcome : No charges filed.

Case : Owner of large security company investigated for massive workers compensation insurance fraud related to misclassification of employees; facing forfeiture of business.
Outcome : No conviction, no forfeiture of business, 1 year probation.

Case : Doctor involved a boating accident that resulted in the death of 4 teenagers.
Outcome : After six weeks of testimony, jurors acquitted client on four charges of vessel homicide.

Case : Off-duty sheriff's deputy charged with DUI-manslaughter when his pickup struck and killed a man walking in the road with his girlfriend.
Outcome : Based on new evidence, prosecutors deal allowed plea to a lesser charge and no prison time.

Case : High-profile criminal defense case in 2005 revolved around a young elementary school teacher involved in a hit-and-run that left two children dead.
Outcome : No prison time; only probation and house arrest.

Case : Client convicted of molesting two girls during family gathering; facing mandatory 25 year prison sentence.
Outcome : CFR's new defense wins new trial due to past counsel's ineffective assistance; judge overturns past jury's verdict.

Case : Physician's Assistant accused of issuing illegal prescriptions and subject of seven-month investigation by undercover officers.
Outcome : C&F meticulous deconstruction of evidence leads to charges being dismissed.

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