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Qui Tam Actions

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Case : C&F represented one of five separate claimants who filed Qui Tam actions against a corporation alleging that they submitted false claims to the U.S. Government under Medicare and other government programs.
Outcome : The related Qui Tam cases resulted in a $327 million settlement between the company and the government in 2005. In addition to the monetary settlement, the corporation also entered into a corporate integrity agreement with the Inspector General of Health and Human Services to prevent future misconduct.

Case : C&F represented an office manager and a patient who filed a Qui Tam action against a dermatologist for falsifying biopsy results in order to fraudulently bill for medical procedures.
Outcome : Physician found criminally guilty of Medicare fraud and Qui Tam whistle-blowers were awarded a million dollars. Read about the story here.

Case : C&F represented a billing employee who filed a Qui Tam action against a physician for upcoding office visits and nursing home visits.
Outcome : Physician settled for 1.7 million dollars and the Qui Tam client was awarded over $300,000.00.

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