Product Liability

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Product Liability 2

Case : The families of 12 firefighters killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 hired Barry Cohen to sue Motorola Inc. and the city for $5 billion claiming Motorola sold the FDNY new but faulty digital radios that, if worked properly, could have saved the firefighters' lives.

Outcome : Court ruling precludes victims' families from settlement as they were part of other settlement - injustice brought to light and changes in service soon followed.

Product Liability 1

Case : In 1995, C&F filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Tylenol, after a 39 old man and father of 2 took the drug for 4 days and died of liver failure on the fifth day. C&F accused the company of failing to adequately warn consumers of the potential risk of taking the drug for people who regularly drink alcohol.

Outcome : Pertinent information about mixing medications and alcohol with Tylenol made public.

Product Liability 3

Case : C&F sued the Canadian manufacturer of an electric forklift for severe personal injury sustained by a forklift operator when the forklift electrical system malfunctioned and pinned the operator against a warehouse wall.

Outcome : Confidential settlement.