Premise Liability

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Premises Liability 2

Case : University of South Florida student abducted and shot in the head three times during a carjacking at her apartment complex.

Outcome : $15.7 million verdict after C&F argued lax security at the apartment complex allowed the gunmen to enter the property. The verdict included $1.7 million for medical bills and lost wages, $4 million for pain and suffering, and $10 million for punitive damages.

Premises Liability 7

Case : Inadequate security case; C&F sued apartment complex for inadequate security resulting in the sexual assault of a USF student.

Outcome : $1.05 million settlement.

Premises Liability 1

Case : Toxic tort case against a manufacturer for the parents of a 9-year-old boy who died after breathing toxic fumes while playing near a trash bin at the company plant.

Outcome : $500 million verdict.

Premises Liability 9

Case : Inadequate security, wrongful death: C&F sued an apartment complex for the wrongful death of a teenager who was beaten to death by other residents of the apartment complex.

Outcome : $500k settlement.

Premises Liability 8

Case : Inadequate security: C&F settled claim against apartment complex for a woman who was sexually assaulted in her apartment.

Outcome : $500k settlement.

Premises Liability 4

Case : Wrongful death suit against a parking services company for the parents of a 16-year- old high school student who was shot dead in a parking lot across the street from popular nightclub.

Outcome : $1.2 million verdict; the jury rejected the defense's argument that the gunman was undeterred and unpreventable, and that security measures, such as guards and lights, wouldn't have prevented the boy's murder.

Premises Liability 3

Case : C&F settled claims of two workers, one of whom died and one who is severely burned, due to an electrical explosion caused by violations of the national electric code.

Outcome : $15 million settlement.

Premises Liability 5

Case : A security guard shot a resident during an argument that took place in the parking lot of his residence. The resident sued the condominium association.

Outcome : Jury awards $2.9 million.

Premises Liability 6

Case : C&F sued an apartment complex, on behalf of a woman who was raped in her apartment by a man who climbed through her window, for misleading her about the extent of criminal activity in the area.

Outcome : $1.6 million jury verdict.