Civil Litigation

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Civil Litigation 4

Case : The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team represented an owner of a franchise in a dispute accusing a franchisee of fraudulently and intentionally misappropriating its business.

Outcome : $8 million settlement.

Civil Litigation 2

Case : The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team represents judge who presided over Terri Schiavo case in civil matter related to case.

Outcome : Case dismissed.

Civil Litigation 1

Case : Owner of statewide food franchise investigated by state police for racketeering based on usurious loans facing possible forfeiture of franchise.

Outcome : No charges filed.

Civil Litigation 3

Case : The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team represents Sheriff of Pinellas County threatened with suit for misfeasance.

Outcome : Suit never filed.