State Criminal Defense

Barry A. Cohen brings a wealth of knowledge to The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team in the areas of leadership, voir dire, and investigative techniques. Working alongside Cohen, adding a wealth of knowledge, value and resources to the criminal defense team, are attorneys, Mike Gaines and D. Keith Thomas.


  • New trial ordered, 30 year prison sentence vacated, and agreement to time served and probation for a youthful offender involved in a tragic car crash that killed two people.
  • New trial ordered in case of police officer found guilty of two counts of child molestation. 25-year prison sentence vacated.
  • Charges dismissed in manslaughter case following presentation of the first narcolepsy defense in the State of Florida.
  • No prison time for high-profile case involving young woman accused of double fatality hit-and-run. Florida vs. Jennifer Porter.

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