Health Care Fraud

Cohen’s Health Care Fraud Group operates within our Criminal Defense Team, representing health care providers, including doctors, hospitals, company executives and companies that come under investigation for violations that include illegal kickbacks, fraudulent billing and allegations of inflated claims for services rendered, medically unnecessary procedures and services not rendered.

The Health Care Fraud Group is headed by Kevin Darken, former lead health care fraud prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Middle District of Florida and former member of the Justice Department’s National Health Care Fraud Working Group. Kevin is recognized in the defense of health care fraud, and recently completed the eleventh edition of his leading treatise, Defending and Preventing Health Care Fraud Cases: An Attorney’s Guide. In addition, Kevin has had many articles published that are considered authoritative within the Health Care Fraud sector. For example: “Defending Unlicensed Practice of Medicine and Unlicensed Practice of Health Care Professions Prosecutions , by Kevin Darken”.


Hospital and principal owner accused of Medicare fraud avoids indictment, despite many others being indicted and a prolonged investigation by FBI, U.S. Attorney and the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Investigation.

Psychologist identified as target of federal grand jury investigating billing fraud avoids indictment and all charges.

Medical director of local hospital investigated by FBI for Medicare fraud not indicted.

Psychiatrist investigated by state Medicaid fraud unit for over-billing avoids indictment.

Medical practice and operator investigated by Florida Attorney General for over-billing avoids indictment; civil settlement reached.

Acquittal of physician’s assistant accused of illegal drug sales.

Practice group and principal owner investigated for receiving kickbacks in exchange for referral of diagnostic services; no charges filed.

Dermatologist accused of over-billing identified as target based upon filing of qui tam lawsuit. No charges filed; qui tam settled for nuisance value.

Care facility investigated by Florida Attorney General for improper patient practices; no civil or criminal action taken.

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