Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys

tampa criminal defense attorneys

The Tampa criminal defense practice of The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team runs the gamut, from representation of professionals and business people in complex matters including securities fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, and mail and wire fraud to the representation of citizens seeking an aggressive defense in a full range of crimes filed in the Florida state criminal justice system.

We’ve assembled a team of highly skilled attorneys to provide legal counsel and representation in the areas of Federal Criminal Defense, State Criminal Defense as well as a specialized group dealing with the intricacies involved with Health Care Fraud.

Our attorneys are no strangers to the inside of a courtroom and have logged countless trials in defense of their clients. They have earned respect from both the judiciary on the bench and opposing prosecutors. With this respect in hand, we approach every case from a position of strength when we meet with the prosecution and review the government’s case against of our clients. In many instances, a matter can be resolved without our client having to endure the potential trauma of a public trial and all the publicity that is usually associated it.

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