Monetary rewards obtained by Whistleblowers cases filed under federal and state False Claims Act laws

Whistleblowers can obtain monetary rewards in cases filed under federal and state False Claims Act laws. Cases under these laws are also known as Qui Tam cases. False Claims Act laws provide for payments to a person that exposes previously undiscovered fraud against federal and state government agencies or programs that cause the Government to pay or incur expenses they should not have.

In some situations the violators are compelled to pay two or three times the amount of actual damages proven and as much as $11,000 for every false claim the violator made or caused to be made.

Whistleblowers receive 15% to 30% of the damages recovered by the federal or state Governments. The percentage depends to a great extent on the skill, time, dedication, creativity and passion of your lawyers as well as on the amount of effort, time and support provided by you as a whistleblower and whether the case is settled or goes to trial.

Our Whistleblower representation team is headed up by attorney Kevin Darken. Mr. Darken is a Harvard Law School graduate and former United States Attorney and has over 20 years of experience in the prosecution and defense of whistleblower cases. He also authored a treatise on health care fraud.

Mr. Darken works with legendary Tampa attorney and the Firm founder attorney Barry Cohen. Mr. Cohen’s reputation and trial skills assist in getting the highest possible awards for you. Mr. Cohen has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in damage awards including an award of $500 Million in one case. The team handling your case also will consist of paralegals, some with 30 years of experience in complex litigation, investigators, research aides and experts in the type of fraud you have witnessed and exposed.

We are not a qui tam mill and devote whatever time it takes to do independent investigation and research to be certain that the Department of Justice, at the highest levels, is aware of the effort and sacrifices you have made to bring your whistleblower case. We believe that our efforts result in you getting higher percentages of the recovery that you might otherwise receive.

Whistleblower Settlements

Here is an example of the types of cases and what you may be able to receive as a whistleblower:

Whistleblower receives $37M in US v. Wellcare – In this case we represented the whistleblower against a major heath care provider. Our client received $37M of $180M paid by Wellcare. The false claims exposed by the whistleblower consisted of Wellcare charging the Medicare and Medicaid programs for encounter sessions that never occurred and overbilling Medicare and Medicaid for services provided.

Whistleblowers receives $102M in US v. Pfizer – In this case pharmaceutical giant Pfizer paid $2.3B to settle claims that it had improperly marketed its drugs Bextra, Geodon, Zyvox and Lyrica off label and that the Medicare and Medicaid programs had improperly paid for off label uses of these drugs. Six whistleblowers shared the $102M reward in this case.

Whistleblowers receives $4.3M in US v. PharMerica – In this case we represented two whistleblowers against a national long-term care pharmacy. There were multiple whistleblowers in this case. PharMerica paid $31.5M for dispersing controlled substances without physicians prescriptions.

Whistleblower receives $63.9M in US v. J.P. Morgan – In this case JP Morgan paid $614M for underwriting non-compliant loans submitted for insurance coverage and guarantees by HUD, FHA and the VA. The whistleblower received a reward of $63.9M.

Whistleblowers receive $3.9M in US v. Genzyme – In this case we represented two whistleblowers against Genzyme Biotech Company. Genzyme paid $22.8M for billing of Medicare and Medicaid for unapproved use of its medical device in patients. Our clients received $3.9M. In addition to this amount, Genzyme’s successor company Sanofi paid $32.5M in criminal fines.

Whistleblower receives $16.2M in US v. Supreme Group- in this case Supreme Group paid $146M for submitting false billings to the Department of Defense for fuel and transporting cargo to American soldiers in Afghanistan. The whistleblower received $16.2M.

Whistleblower receives over $800,000 in US v. Tai Shan Golden Gain Aluminum Products, Ltd et. al. – In this case we represented the whistleblower against various major importers based on their false statement of the country of origin to evade custom import duties. The defendants paid $4.5M and our client received over $800,000 as a reward for bringing the case.

Whistleblower receives $19M in US v. Trinity Industries –In this case, Trinity Industries paid $663M for defrauding the Federal Highway Administration by making unauthorized changes to the dimensions of guardrails. The whistleblower in this case received $19M.

Whistleblower receives $1.8M in US v. Morton Plant Mease Hospital – In this case we represented a whistleblower against a major hospital group for defrauding Medicare and Medicaid by upcoding hospital claims. The hospitals paid$10.1M. Our client received $1.8M.

Whistleblower receives $18.6M in US v. Community Health Systems – In this case, the defendants paid $75M for making illegal donations to county governments to get contracts and payments funded by Medicare and Medicaid. The whistleblower received $18.6M.