What we do


We investigate, prepare, file and litigate qui tam cases for whistleblowers on behalf of the United States Government under the False Claims Act, on behalf of the State of Florida under the Florida False Claims Act, and often on behalf of other states under those states’ False Claims Acts.

Although these cases most often involve false Medicare or Medicaid claims or fraudulent claims by defense contractors, False Claims Act cases may also be based on fraud in other government programs, including construction and public works contracts, agricultural subsidy programs, student loan programs, scientific research programs, environmental programs, federal loan guarantee programs, underpayments of customs duties, and underpayments of royalties on land leased from government agencies.

We also bring retaliation claims under the False Claims Act and Florida statutes when appropriate for whistleblower clients who have been fired or otherwise penalized for bringing an FCA case, investigating a potential FCA case, or refusing to participate in illegal conduct.

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