How We Do It

Prosecuting Your QUI TAM Case

If we take your qui tam case, we promise you:

  1. We’ll investigate your case thoroughly and corroborate your allegations as much as possible
  2. We’ll research and understand the regulations and policies applicable to your case
  3. We’ll write a detailed relator’s memorandum
  4. We’ll file your case promptly
  5. We’ll prepare you for your relator interview
  6. We’ll provide the the Department of Justice with the legal research necessary to support your case
  7. We’ll use our relationships with Department of Justice attorneys and federal agents to make sure your case gets a fair evaluation
  8. We’ll continue to try to develop additional evidence and legal arguments to support your case even after we file your case
  9. We’ll communicate with the Department of Justice during its investigation after we file your case and we’ll give you updates as we can
  10. We’ll help the Department of Justice litigate your case by participating in depositions, motions, mediation, hearings, and trial
  11. In appropriate cases, we’ll litigate your case even if the Department of Justice declines to intervene in the case
  12. We’ll defend you against any counterclaims brought by the defendants against you
  13. We’ll fight to make sure you get a relator’s share of all the money the government collects as a result of your case, including recoveries labelled as criminal restitution or forfeiture proceeds
  14. We’ll fight to get you the relator’s share award you deserve

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