Choosing Your Qui Tam Lawyer

The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team has over a Decade of QUI TAM Experience

  1. We know what we’re doing – we’ve brought many False Claims Act cases over the past decade.
  2. We understand health care fraud. We’ve prosecuted health care fraud cases, defended health care fraud cases, worked for CMS on health care fraud cases, and even written a book on health care fraud.
  3. We understand defense procurement fraud and government contract fraud. We spent years defending allegations of labor mischarging, concealed cost or pricing data, and false testing certifications.
  4. We have so many qui tam cases filed, we’re in constant contact with the Assistant U.S. Attorneys who handle these cases.
  5. We don’t just file False Claims Act cases, we actually litigate them. We have multiple lawyers dedicated to qui tam cases. Most firms don’t even have one such lawyer.
  6. We’re creative. We’ve brought FCA cases based on cutting edge theories of liability and theories of liability never raised previously in the Middle District of Florida.
  7. We’re not afraid to sue the big boys. We’ve filed FCA cases against national hospital chains and national pharmacies. But we’re also local enough to bring FCA cases against individual doctors and practice groups.
  8. We have the financial strength to hire necessary experts and pay other expenses during lengthy investigations. If you want to bring a False Claims Act case, but are worried about potential criminal exposure, we may be able to help you accomplish both your goals using our experience as former federal prosecutors.
  9. We protect our clients. For example, we got a $50 million counterclaim against one of our relator clients dismissed. We seek innovative ways to get our clients the reward they deserve. For , we’ve been able to get criminal restitution and forfeiture proceeds escrowed to be available for distribution to our relators.
  10. We know the DOJ Relator Share Award Guidelines and the caselaw on relator share awards. We’re not afraid to go to court if necessary to get our clients the relator’s share award they deserve.

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