Qui Tam/ False Claims Act or Whistleblower actions

false_claims_actEvery year, our government is cheated out of billions of dollars by greedy individuals and corporations who submit false claims, fraudulently alter records in government programs or produce defective products for government contracts. Over 150 years ago, the False Claims Act was enacted to become one of the country’s most powerful weapons in fighting corporate avarice. Qui tam is a provision of the False Claims Act that allows private citizens to file “whistleblower” lawsuits in the name of the federal government for fraud by government contractors and others who receive or use government funds, and allows the whistle-blower, or relator, to share in any money recovered– at least 15% and sometimes as much as 30%, which in many cases amounts to millions of dollars.

  • Qui tam action filed against HealthSouth Corporation for defrauding Medicare and other government health care programs. Resulted in $327 million settlement.
  • Qui tam action filed against a Florida doctor making fraudulent claims that patients had skin cancer.

Although most of the early successes in qui tam actions were against defense contractors, for the last several years, health care has accounted for the lion’s share of fraud settlements and judgments. Recoveries for qui tam cases from 1986 through 2005 totaled $15 billion. In 2005 alone, the United States Government recovered over $1 billion in settlements and judgments, with the relator share amounting to $166 million.

If you or your client has information that an individual or company is defrauding the government, it is essential that legal counsel from experienced qui tam litigation attorneys is sought as soon as possible. Our firm has the legal and investigative expertise necessary to assist you with your case, and we will work with clients on a contingent fee basis. To us, it is not and has never been about billable hours; it is about doing the right thing and protecting the economically weak from the arrogance and abuse of the economically strong.

If you are aware of an individual or corporation defrauding the government, Tell Us About Your Case.

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