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White-Collar Crime

The phrase “white-collar crime” is understood to encompass allegations against individuals and corporations that include corporate malfeasance, consumer fraud, mail and wire fraud, tax fraud, Medicare fraud, pharmaceuticals fraud, securities fraud, insider trading, embezzlement and other dishonest business practices.

As confirmed by the travails of Enron, WorldCom and Tyco and its executives, it is apparent that corporations, business executives and professionals are being scrutinized as never before, and frequently find themselves the target of aggressive criminal prosecution, regulatory enforcement and whistleblower (qui tam) lawsuits. Cases such as these require a unique combination of skills and professional experience to appropriately guide the client through the rigors of the investigation.

With AV rated lawyers and a board-certified criminal trial lawyer, our legal team brings a wealth of knowledge and the benefit of years of personal experience with the offices and agencies that investigate and prosecute white collar crimes.

Cohen's White-Collar Criminal Defense Team, comprised of seasoned trial attorneys Barry Cohen and Kevin Darken, works closely with a staff of in-house investigators, a forensic accountant and a cadre of experts to investigate all of the facts thoroughly and provide advice to the client through every step of the case.

Special attention is given in protecting the client, not only in the court of law, but also in the court of public opinion. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation in the business world, and just one founded or unfounded news story to ruin it. The Barry A. Cohen Law Group understands that, in the appropriate case, the media can be a powerful weapon that our firm has the skill and experience to utilize. At the same time, our relationship with the media can also be called upon to keep our client out of the news. In most cases, it is by design that no one knows who our clients are, or the fact that they are being investigated. The ability to manage press and public reaction to the client’s situation is yet another component of the representation that we skillfully provide.

Another important adjunct of our practice is the representation of these individuals in collateral civil and administrative proceedings. We have found that in representing our clients in all relevant matters, we can better serve their interest and protect their freedom, as well as financial security. To us, it is not and has never been about billable hours; it is about preserving freedom and financial stability.

The Barry A. Cohen Law Group has vast experience representing clients in matters involving a wide array of government agencies, including the United States Department of Justice, various state attorneys, the Office of the Florida Statewide Prosecutor, the FBI, SEC, FTC, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, DEA, IRS and Florida Financial Regulators.


Confidential – Corporation indicted in federal district court for conspiracy based upon alleged illegal activities of managers and employees. Corporation and principals acquitted, and $30 million forfeiture dismissed based upon acquittal.

Confidential – Owner of international distributor of business opportunities avoids indictment after four year investigation by FBI, IRS and U.S. Postal Inspection Service when CFR demonstrates lack of criminal intent and likelihood of acquittal were case to go to trial. Forfeiture of in excess of $15 million avoided.

Confidential – Corporation and owners investigated for tax evasion scheme avoid indictment after intervention of CFR.

Confidential – Prominent developer identified as target of federal grand jury avoids indictment for million-dollar bank fraud.
Confidential - Attorney accused of bank and mail fraud in multi-year FBI investigation avoids indictment.

Confidential – International internet business investigated for criminal violations by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) avoids indictment and civil sanctions.

Confidential – Numerous doctors, DME providers avoid indictment for violation of anti-kickback law and Medicare fraud.

Confidential – Mortgage company and owner avoid all charges despite indictment of alleged co-conspirator for mail fraud in connection with fraudulent loan scheme.

Confidential - Acquittal of executive indicted for conspiring to defraud the Medicare program by submitting false claims to the federal government.

Confidential - Owner of multi-million dollar company accused of massive worker’s compensation fraud avoids conviction and jail.

Confidential – Offshore investment group investigated for violation of domestic securities laws, no charges filed.

Confidential – Public company investigated for 10(b)(5) violation involving alleged misstatements in prospectus, no charges filed; civil settlement with SEC.

Confidential – Multi-million dollar business owner investigated for arson and insurance fraud by U.S. Attorney and ATF avoids indictment upon proof of innocence.

With over a century’s worth of combined experience in white collar criminal law practice, Cohen’s White-Collar Criminal Defense Team has developed a recognized capability in handling these matters and stands ready to assist clients seeking our services.

If you have been accused of a crime and are seeking representation, Tell Us About Your Case.

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