Commercial Litigation

commercial-litigation (1)While best known for its high-profile criminal practice, Barry A. Cohen also represent clients in a variety of commercial cases, usually on a contingent fee basis.

Commercial litigation involves persons or businesses that have been the victim of criminal, fraudulent or other forms of corporate or business misconduct. Through years of handling white-collar criminal cases, including cases involving complex fraud allegations, our attorneys have developed an understanding and appreciation of the factual and legal intricacies in complex, commercial tort cases. Our civil expertise is bolstered by our white-collar criminal defense practice and, in particular, our work defending criminal fraud prosecutions.

While most companies rely on their trusted, venerable corporate law firms to represent them in complex commercial litigation, in some circumstances it may be more effective to turn to an experienced plaintiffs trial firm like Cohen’s. Unlike many corporate firms that bill by the hour, The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team handles most commercial cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning we only get paid if and when you recover.

We are not afraid to try commercial cases because we come to trial from a position of strength; a position gained by comprehensive pre-trial preparation guided by an out-of-the-box approach. Our unique preparation work, combined with trial attorneys who have experience trying cases in front of a jury, increases the opportunity for a successful result. Read more about the new trend in B2B litigation in Barry Cohen’s article “Sleeping with the Enemy”, published in the December 2005 issue of Corporate Counsel magazine.

Recent examples of our commercial litigation experience include:

  • $8 million settlement for a franchise owner against national franchisee accused of fraudulently and intentionally misappropriating its business
  • $6 million settlement for a business owner after an insurance company wrongfully refused to honor its policy of insurance.

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