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The decision to conduct business with a particular company is done with great consideration for many of us. We build relationships with the businesses that provide us products and services and, beyond that, we build a level of trust. Unfortunately, when that trust is breached the results can be devastating. The financial loss caused by the fraudulent acts of others can undo what you’ve worked so hard for and cause immense stress to you and your family. If you are the victim of criminal, fraudulent or other forms of corporate or business misconduct, you need a law firm that will utilize skill, strategy and dogged determination to get you what you deserve.

The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team are Tampa commercial litigation lawyers with more than 50 combined years of experience representing the rights of our clients in commercial disputes. Clients come to us for representation in a wide variety of complex commercial litigation matters, including fraud, breach of contract and employer/employee disputes. Our civil expertise is bolstered by our white-collar criminal defense practice and, in particular, our work defending criminal fraud prosecutions.

The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team separates itself from corporate law firms with our commitment to pre-trial preparation. Our legal team conducts exhaustive research on each case and consults a pertinent set of experts. Our unique preparation work, combined with trial attorneys who have experience trying cases in front of a jury ensures that we are always working from a position of strength and increases the likelihood of a positive result. And unlike many corporate firms that bill by the hour, the Barry A. Cohen Legal Team handles most commercial cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning we only get paid if and when you recover.

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