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“Accidents happen!” You may say this in the days after your feet left the ground and your body landed on the hard linoleum floor of your local grocery store. You may assume that the ensuring aches in pains are merely the price of not watching your surroundings more closely. But before you dismiss the incident as a product of clumsiness, consider this. Property owners and tenants have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions and eliminate foreseeable dangers for visitors to their properties and facilities. They must also provide adequate warning of any dangerous conditions. Before assuming an injury on a business’ property was your fault, talk to an attorney who can properly assess the situation and help you attain what may be due to you.

The Barry A. Cohen Law Group are Tampa premises liability lawyers with more than 50 combined years of experience protecting the rights of those injured because of the negligence of others. The Cohen Law Group takes an exhaustive approach to determining if property owners are at fault in premises liability cases. Our strategy involves a number of tactics, including the review of video surveillance and consulting medical experts and private investigators.

Beyond slip and fall cases, premises liability issues extend to the failure to provide reasonable security in apartment complexes, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, parking lots and garages. The Cohen Law Group has successfully represented clients in cases ranging from sexual assault to fatal shootings. In these cases, property owners failed to provide a safe environment for tenants or visitors to their properties.

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Example of recent Premises Liability Results:

Case : A security guard shot a resident during an argument that took place in the parking lot of his residence. The resident sued the condominium association.

Outcome : Jury awards $2.9 million.
Case : C&F sued an apartment complex, on behalf of a woman who was raped in her apartment by a man who climbed through her window, for misleading her about the extent of criminal activity in the area.

Outcome : $1.6 million jury verdict.
Case : Inadequate security case; C&F sued apartment complex for inadequate security resulting in the sexual assault of a USF student.

Outcome : $1.05 million settlement.
Case : Inadequate security: C&F settled claim against apartment complex for a woman who was sexually assaulted in her apartment.

Outcome : $500k settlement.
Case : Toxic tort case against a manufacturer for the parents of a 9-year-old boy who died after breathing toxic fumes while playing near a trash bin at the company plant.

Outcome : $500 million verdict.
Case : Wrongful death suit against a parking services company for the parents of a 16-year- old high school student who was shot dead in a parking lot across the street from popular nightclub.

Outcome : $1.2 million verdict; the jury rejected the defense's argument that the gunman was undeterred and unpreventable, and that security measures, such as guards and lights, wouldn't have prevented the boy's murder.
Case : University of South Florida student abducted and shot in the head three times during a carjacking at her apartment complex.

Outcome : $15.7 million verdict after C&F argued lax security at the apartment complex allowed the gunmen to enter the property. The verdict included $1.7 million for medical bills and lost wages, $4 million for pain and suffering, and $10 million for punitive damages.
Case : C&F settled claims of two workers, one of whom died and one who is severely burned, due to an electrical explosion caused by violations of the national electric code.

Outcome : $15 million settlement.
Case : Inadequate security, wrongful death: C&F sued an apartment complex for the wrongful death of a teenager who was beaten to death by other residents of the apartment complex.

Outcome : $500k settlement.

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