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When you step out of your house each day there is a certain level of safety and protection that is assumed. We expect that our work places are safe and functional. We believe the places where we shop, eat and spend time with family and friends are protected from outside threats. We are often assured that the products we use each day will not cause harm. We expect our doctors to be good stewards of our health.  Unfortunately, we know that isn’t always the case and danger sometimes lurks around the corner. When the people and companies you trust let you down, you need an experienced legal team to assess the situation, determine your options and, ultimately, fight for the justice you deserve.

The Barry A. Cohen Law Group are Tampa civil litigation lawyers with more than 50 combined years of experience representing the rights of our clients in civil disputes. We represent clients in a wide variety of civil claims including personal injury, wrongful death, premises and product liability, medical malpractice and tobacco litigation. To work diligently on your behalf requires our supreme effort and the services of a team of experts. We utilize actuaries, forensic accountants, crime or accident scene re-constructionists, and private investigators, among others, to build your case.

Our Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Team is led by Founding Partner Barry A. Cohen, a celebrated Tampa trial attorney. His team works tirelessly to help individuals and their families who have been injured or killed as a result of the negligence of others, their property or their products.

If you feel you or a family member is a victim of personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, premises or product liability, please Tell Us About Your Case or call us at (813) 225-1655.

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