Civil Litigation

civil-litigationBarry A. Cohen represents clients in a wide variety of civil claims including personal injury, wrongful death, premise and product liability, medical mal-practice and tobacco litigation. Founding Partner Barry A. Cohen leads our Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Team. Mr. Cohen and his team work tirelessly to help individuals and their families who have been injured or killed as a result of the negligence of others, their property or their products.

The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team specializes in complex civil cases where an award usually needs to be adjusted for a client’s lifetime, those persons not usually seeking immediate compensation. These cases can involve actuaries, forensic accountants, crime or accident scene re-construction, as well as exhaustive investigation of witnesses. The following pages detail our civil practice areas and highlight some of the more relevant results we have achieved on behalf of our clients.

If you feel you or a family member is a victim of personal injury, wrongful death, medical mal-practice, premise or product liability, please Tell Us About Your Case.

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