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Additional Research by Barry A. Cohen Legal Team Further Shows Suboxone Is Linked To Aggression 

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Suboxone Tests Did Show Increase in Aggressive Behavior

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Barry A. Cohen, Esq. of Tampa Speaks Out About the Tragedy in Charleston

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Tampa Court Grants Justice For Black Teenage Brothers

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What should whistleblowers consider before deciding to file a False Claims Act case?

Each day companies and individuals make false claims against government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. They fraudulently alter records in government programs or produce defective products for government contracts. This fraud costs the government and, subsequently, taxpayers millions of dollars each year. The U.S. government’s best defense against the dishonest practices of some people are the courageous acts of whistleblowers. These men and women risk an uncertain personal and professional future to do the right thing.

However, filing a False Claims Act (FCA) claim is a major decision that can impact both your life and the lives of your family. It requires a great deal of consideration both externally (do you have enough evidence?) and internally (is the risk worth the reward?) […]

Town hall meeting on race looks for ways to close ‘revolving door’

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How does the Department of Justice decide to pursue certain False Claims Act cases over others?

If you are an employee and you are considering filing a False Claims Act (FCA) case against your employer, you’ve likely done your research. If you have, you are aware that the Department of Justice (DOJ) does not intervene in every case that gets filed. While the government not intervening in an FCA case doesn’t kill the case, it does make it a lot harder. If the government doesn’t utilize their resources in an FCA case that means someone has to pick up the slack (you and your lawyer.)

The natural question is how does the DOJ decide which cases to pursue? As you may imagine, the DOJ has many cases to choose from. Kevin Darken, a renowned Tampa lawyer at the Barry A. Cohen Law Group, gave us this insight from his over 20 years of being involved in these types of cases: […]

Kevin Darken spoke on False Claims Act amendments and trends in qui tam cases at the American College of Healthcare Executives meeting

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