Kevin Darken spoke on False Claims Act amendments and trends in qui tam cases at the American College of Healthcare Executives meeting

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Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Local Officials to Participate in Town Hall Meeting Designed to Open Dialogue Between Local Law Enforcement Organizations and the African-American Community

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Cohen Legal Team Client Found Not Guilty in Shooting of Ex-Girlfriend and Her Boyfriend

TAMPA, FL. (March 26, 2015) – In a decision issued March 24,  a jury  at the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit for Hillsborough County, state of Florida Criminal Justice Division ruled that William Privett of Ruskin, FL. was not guilty of first-degree murder and any subsequent charges in the shooting death of Eric Brewer and shooting of Shirley Sexton. Privett was found to be acting in self-defense. […]

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What protections are in place for whistleblowers?

It takes a great deal of courage to be willing to stand out against wrongdoing of any kind, especially when it involves your employer. You feel a certain obligation to keep quiet. However, you also feel obligated to do the right thing when your employer is making false claims against the government. Beyond civil violations, there may be criminal violations as well. There may even be health and safety risks involved. Knowledge of these violations compel you to act, but there may be one other feeling preventing you from doing what’s right, fear. What if you get demoted? What if you lose your job? How will you support your family?

To prevent employees from being the victims of retaliation from their employers, two protections are in place: […]

Paxil Defense Saves Executive from Prison

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Defense Attorney Barry Cohen: Dontae Morris has no chance to receive a non-guilty verdict

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Woman raped by ADT salesman sues the company retains Cohen Legal Team

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Genzyme Corp. to Pay $22.28 Million to Resolve False Claims Allegations Related to “Slurry” Used in Patients

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Biotech company Genzyme to pay $22.3 million in Tampa whistle-blower case

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Brooksville man injured in arrest sues deputies for more than $10 million

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