About The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team

Attorneys Tampa, Fl

attorneys tampa fl barry cohen legal teamWhen he started practicing law almost 50 years ago, Barry A. Cohen had a vision of what he wanted his future in the legal field to look like. He imagined a small, highly aggressive litigation firm known for the absolute highest quality representation and staffed by the finest and most skilled litigators, paralegals, investigators and support staff he could find. Barry’s vision has been realized in The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team.

Barry cut his teeth in the federal criminal trial arena in which “unknown to most people“ did not afford defense lawyers such basic trial tools as witness lists, depositions, or discovery. In those cases, a lawyer had to be able to think on his feet in an instant, be able to fashion a defense with little or no advance information about the government’s case, and, perhaps most importantly, the lawyer had to be able to think outside the box. The lawyer had to put in the extra time and effort to hit the streets to get information, locate and interview witnesses, and recreate events being discussed in the courtroom. Barry learned to practice law that way and the results speak for themselves.

Barry A. Cohen is one of the most celebrated, sought-after, and well-known trial attorneys in the country. He has represented countless victims of corporate greed and negligence, defended people who have been wrongfully accused, and helped people who were simply being bullied. Perhaps the best endorsement of Barry’s skills and effectiveness comes from the fact that virtually every judge or public officer in the Tampa Bay area who has needed personal legal representation in one form or another has sought defense from Barry Cohen.

To be a lawyer in The Barry A. Cohen Legal Team firm, one has to embrace Barry’s philosophy and endeavor to represent the absolute pinnacle of trial excellence on behalf of the firm’s clients. That means following Barry’s lead: working nights, weekends, whatever it takes. It means reading every new book in Cohen’s extensive library dealing with jury selection, evidence, or other trial matters. It means doing all the things that other lawyers and law firms are simply unwilling or unable to do in order to be the best. Most of all, it means caring for our clients like they are members of our family and doing whatever is necessary to serve their best interests and achieve their goals. That is why very few lawyers make the cut with Barry Cohen and those that do – the ones listed here – are the very best at what they do. Always striving to exceed past accomplishments and never being content to rest on prior experience, the trial lawyers in Barry’s firm are eternally students of the law, trial skills and jury psychology.